Step 2 – Choose your range

Here at Vermarc we like to offer a high quality garment to any type of rider. We give you the option to choose from our two different ranges; our top of the line PR.R range inspired by the development work undertaken with our Pro riders or the Team/Sportline range designed more for the amateur or sportive rider. Both ranges accommodate for all weather conditions and it’s even possible to mix and match our ranges to suit your needs. 

  • To create an optimal comfort , the sleeves and the collar of the Sportline jersey are made of the fabric Think.  Think is a fabric that is made for a perfect fit and it moves along with the body of the rider.
    The front and the back panel are made of the Michron fabric so that the jersey dries very quickly.
    There is also a silicone strip at the bottom of the jersey (inside) to prevent the jersey from riding up.

  • Clothing that is mainly developed for the professional rider as well as for the amateur cyclist who wants an optimal comfort.

    The PR.R line is our premium collection, where an advanced technology is used.  You will notice the difference in the fabrics (super functional) and in the ergonomic cut which are based on the most modern production techniques.  The super lightweight material , the performance and the ergonomic cut of the outfits give you an optimal protection and have an exceptional breathability.